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Ruger LCP MAX and Rust

I recently posted a video on the YouTube channel about the new Ruger LCP MAX. In the comments I saw several people asking me about my pistol and if I was experiencing any rust issues. One poster went so far as to call me a "shill" for Ruger and claimed I was covering up the rust on my pistol that he claimed was clearly visible in the video.

In response to that poster I told them I would post images of my Ruger here on the blog so they could take a closer look at the gun.

The right side of the gun looks free of rust to me. If you spot some, please let me know.

The other side of the pistol looks free of rust to me as well. Let's take a look at the barrel.

No rust there...

No rust there either... some lint and some oil along with some finish wear, but no signs of rust that I can see.

I don't see any rust there either. I do see wear from the barrel and slide rubbing against each other, but even in the absence of finish on these wear sites I don't see any signs of rust.

For a gun that's been carried for the last couple of months in my right front pocket through the latter part of summer where we've had 85+ degree days and high humidity, I would say it's looking pretty good. It has been kept in a Sticky holster while in my pocket.

According to posts on my video, folks are saying there are threads on Reddit where people are reporting their LCP's are rusting. I don't discount those reports, I'm sure these reports are true. However, I clearly don't have a rust problem at this point and thus it's hard to report on something I've not experienced.

Thanks everyone!

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